STEAM Education

STEAM is the combination of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, 和数学的跨学科方法,并将这些应用到现实世界中.

STEAM Education



我们的STEAM教育基于旨在让学生高标准学习的策略, including academically based community service, civic education, environmental education, place based learning, service learning, and work-based learning.
STEAM learning stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills, resulting in a well-rounded, multi-faceted child. 它鼓励孩子们在更紧密的联系中思考他们正在学习的东西, holistic way to address the challenges of the 21st century.
2 students studying anatomy of a frog during Biology class
我们与我们的社区合作,通过变革的协作设计赋予我们的学生权力, authentic educational experiences that leverage contemporary tools, practices and spaces.

At Pioneer Academy we value:

  • 创造性地应用可转移的知识和技能:创造的行为
  • Design thinking: the process of creative & collaborative problem solving
  • Practicing empathy: purposeful connections with our community
  • Risk-taking: embracing failures as learning opportunities

K-8 STEAM Education


初中STEAM课程为学生提供了通过STEAM设计过程来展示他们学习的机会. Students spend time in their classrooms inquiring through the Science, Mathematics, IT and Social Studies curriculum, 然后通过演讲等各种方法展示他们的理解能力, individual and group projects.

In Lower school , 学生使用STEAM学习时间作为课堂的延伸,在这里学生可以自由地设计并使他们的想法和学习变成现实. In addition to learning about STEAM, our students develop important skills, 从精细和粗大运动技能到工具安全和材料管理.

中学学习计划旨在加强和激励学生在这些STEAM领域, 并为学生提供现代技能,并有机会从年轻时开始探索和发展他们可能没有的兴趣. Students learn above-level concepts, in math and computer science, 培养良好的分析能力,同时发挥他们的创造力. 

In High School, STEAM Education offerings include;
  • Robotics
  • Art and Design
  • Web Design
  • Engineering projects
  • Java and Python programming languages
鸿博体育的一名高中生在机器人俱乐部制作机器人Robotics Club students participating in a First Robotics competition

Robotics Club

PioTech机器人团队是鸿博体育一个屡获殊荣的机器人俱乐部. PioTech Robotics Team is part of The FIRST Robotics Competition, 这是一场由来自26个国家的3200多支队伍组成的国际机器人比赛.

PioTech Robotics的校友已经被包括普林斯顿大学在内的顶尖大学录取, Brown, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins among many others.

Our efforts have also been awarded by NASA with a $5,000 donation to support us for the upcoming competitions.

Rigorous graduation requirements of minimum 4 years of both
Math and ELA and 3 years of Science coursework

How do we implement STEAM?

  • Students are encouraged to enroll in advanced courses in Math, Science and ELA including Honors and AP Courses.
  • Rigorous curriculum in Math, Science, Technology, ELA和美术使用成熟的学习标准,如ACT的Quality Core.
  • Enrichment programs such as Robotics, Fine Arts, 音乐和戏剧既是学分课程,也是课后俱乐部.
  • 学生们在地区和州第一次技术挑战赛(FTC)机器人竞赛中竞争.
  • 一年一度的全校STEAM周让学生展示他们在科学和工程方面的研究技能.
  • Students participate in Regional and State Science Olympiads.
  • 学生参加美国数学竞赛(AMC)和地区数学联赛.
  • 每个主要科学领域的专用实验室:生物实验室,物理实验室和化学实验室.
  • 组织全校职业日,让学生接触STEAM的不同专业领域
Robotics Club students participating in a First Robotics competition
Middle School girls working on an experiment in Chemistry Lab
High school student presenting their awards from a Math competition

Mustafa Dincturk

STEAM Coordinator
(973) 405-5169 x 124
通过指导学生完成STEAM课程内容教学时的设计过程, teachers are able to support students' cognitive development, social development, problem solving skills, and communication skills.
M. Dincturk
Science Dept. Head
2 Seniors showcasing their work during Pioneer Academy STEAM Days


STEAM周是我们学生庆祝STEAM学习的绝佳机会之一. 从5年级到12年级的学生展示了他们全年的项目. 去年,我们有超过80个项目,涉及科学、工程、数学、技术和艺术.

The event is open to public. This year's STEAM Week will be between March 20-24, 2023.